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After getting rid of many shits one by one, NOSHIT achieves one of the main Milestones on the journey to Uranus.

Today we're launching the whitelisting campaign for the drop of our Non-Fungible Shit Collection, NOSHIT NFTs.

NOSHIT NFTs (Non Fungible Shits) is a collection of 10000 NFTs released in different stages, portraying the journey of NOSHIT through different periods in time. From the earliest traces of ancient shit scams, all the way to the high-tech shit which will lead us to the warmth of Uranus.

Each of the collections is fully packed with Rarities, Utility on the AI Platform, Royalties, and Reward Mechanism. They are all a part of the fascinating story of NOSHIT that will leave us all wondering about all the shit we went through as species and the shit we have to get rid of with the help of web 3 so we can land a crap-free Uranus.

We're giving away 20 Super-Rare Lucky NFTs and $1000 worth of $NSH

Each NOSHIT NFT is a sick, super-cool, rare collectible generated from a unique DNA sequence based on many attributes such as Appearance, Abilities on the AI Platform, Hidden Missions, and Royalties.

20 Super-Rare LUCKY NFTs

We're giving away 20 Super-Rare LUCKY NFTs that generate revenue in $BUSD. 2% Royalty fee on all NFT sales gets distributed to all holders of LUCKY NFTs in case the holder of the same wallet is in the Top100 $NSH Holders list.

You can still take advantage of your LUCKY NFT even if you're not on the Top100 list. You can benefit from the Premium Features on the AI Platform or sell it to one of Top100 holders.

$1000 worth of $NSH

The randomly chosen Super-Rare LUCKY NFT winners from the eligible participants will also win a share of $1000 worth of $NSH as a symbolical boost on the Journey to URANUS.

NOSHIT dreams of a URANUS where we all grow our passive income by growing $NSH bag and collecting Royalty Sharing NFTs enriched by each NOSHIT NFT release.

To participate in the giveaway, you have to show love and commitment to NOSHIT Vision & complete the GLEAM entries and daily tasks, so you get a whitelist spot!
Your NOSHIT NFT is your ticket to URANUS,
It Gives you Access to the whole NSH Ecosystem

On release:

 • Gamification on NSH.AI Educational Platform 
 • Engagement rewards
 • Earn Royalties with qualified NFTs
 • Solve Hidden Missions to Earn

Second Phase

 • Premium access to AI Contract Scanner
 • Earn Serum on NSH.Ai platform and level up your NFT
 • NOSHIT DAO Membership

Third Phase

  • Access NOSHIT HQ on Metaverse:
  - NSH Cinema with educational videos & Podcasts
  - NSH Lab & scan contracts interactively
  - NSH Gallery & Sell/Exhibit your NFTs
  - NSH Academy with educational content
  - NSH Boutique with NOSHIT Merchandise  

Token Name: NOSHIT  •  Symbol: NSH  •  Decimals: 9  •  Network: BSC
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 NSH
Contract: 0x53F042f3e809d2DcC9492dE2DbF05d1DA0EF5fbb
Slippage: 13% – 15%

NOSHIT isn’t just a token, NOSHIT is a movement!

NOSHIT rebells against imposed congestion.
Let’s liberate ourselves like Montezuma’s Revenge, royal and explosive!

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