NSH.AI Platform (BETA) //
// Separating SHIT from NOSHIT!

AIAI basedbased educationaleducational platform,platform, aimingaiming toto makemake thethe cryptocrypto worldworld moremore comprehendiblecomprehendible && lessless shitty.shitty.


No BULLSHIT Promises
about Saving the Planet.
Just the REAL SHIT we can Stick to!



On regular AMAs with our community, we share our mission updates & we try to educate each-other by exposing scams, reviewing projects, and talk about web 3 topics.

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All the AMAs and Reviews are shared on our NSH.AI Platform


After getting rid of many shits one by one, NOSHIT achieves one of the main Milestones on the journey to Uranus.

Today we're launching the whitelisting campaign for the drop of our Non-Fungible Shit Collection, NOSHIT NFTs.

NOSHIT NFTs (Non Fungible Shits) is a collection of 10000 NFTs released in different stages, portraying the journey of NOSHIT through different periods in time. From the earliest traces of ancient shit scams, all the way to the high-tech shit which will lead us to the warmth of Uranus.

Each of the collections is fully packed with Rarities, Utility on the AI Platform, Royalties, and Reward Mechanism. They are all a part of the fascinating story of NOSHIT that will leave us all wondering about all the shit we went through as species and the shit we have to get rid of with the help of web 3 so we can land a crap-free Uranus.

What Can I do with my NSHIT NFT?

The Ticket to URANUS!

Your NOSHIT NFT is your ticket to URANUS,
It Gives you Access to the whole NSH Ecosystem

On release:

 • Gamification on NSH.AI Educational Platform 
 • Engagement rewards
 • Earn Royalties with qualified NFTs
 • Solve Hidden Missions to Earn

Second Phase

 • Premium access to AI Contract Scanner
 • Earn Serum on NSH.Ai platform and level up your NFT
 • NOSHIT DAO Membership

Third Phase

  • Access NOSHIT HQ on Metaverse:
  - NSH Cinema with educational videos & Podcasts
  - NSH Lab & scan contracts interactively
  - NSH Gallery & Sell/Exhibit your NFTs
  - NSH Academy with educational content
  - NSH Boutique with NOSHIT Merchandise  


$NSH Token

Token Name: NOSHIT  •  Symbol: NSH  •  Decimals: 9  •  Network: BSC
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 NSH
Contract: 0x53F042f3e809d2DcC9492dE2DbF05d1DA0EF5fbb
Slippage: 13% – 15%

TAX Distribution

The SHIT to be DONE


Headed to..




He keeps the shit warm even when it's about to cool down. Using eco-friendly energy, he will make sure to lead the community to the warmth of Uranus.

General @NoShitC

Co-Founder & General Strategist

A professional crypto scatologist, able to tell shit before it even hits the surface.

Captain @noshitter

Co-Founder & Creative Director

A seasoned sailor "su questo mare di merda", able to navigate the community throughout the cutest of all shits.

Professor NSH

Platform Developer

There's science behind shit, especially the digital one. There are PHDs for it, and our professor has two. He lectures blockchain in European universities. "His code is poetry, his AI tools will recite all the shit out of smart contracts."

Serial Shitter

Social Media Shitter

Who knows the best places to poop our NOSHIT better than the serial shitter himself. He will spread the shit on every social network sewers until NOSHIT floods the streets.



He touched the softest spots of all the best NFT collections out there, in order to prepare a custom strategy for our drop of our Non-Fungible Shits

Social Shit

All the NOSHIT floating globally through social network sewage.


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